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Unlocker 1.9.2: A Must-Have Utility for Windows Users

Unlocker does not contain malware. The app is safe to download and install onto your PC. The trustworthy utility is available as an installer and portable free download.

download unlocker 1.9.2

This software is no longer available for the download. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for other reasons.

- The explorer extension has now its own section and has an icon- Fixed the the W2K bug for the default association of some file types- Fixed the multiple selection bug, now only one instance of Unlocker is launched dealing with all selected items at once- Improved behavior for renaming/moving, the name or destination path are now asked when selecting the action- Improved UI for renaming: Default button is OK and the focus is set on the text- Added a list mode to Unlock many items at once from the command line. The syntax is: unlocker.exe listfilename /L (or -L) and it will unlock all the files listed in listfilename

- Added German language thanks to Raphael Fetzer for the translation- Added Italian language thanks to Marco D'Amato for the translation- Fixed missing characters in Japanese version- Reduced executable size from 68.5KB to 56.5KB, since the executable had grown in size after new features and new languages- Added automatic check for updates every time Unlocker is started. If a new version has been released Unlocker will inform you only once about it. This can be turned off during the installation in the components section. This will require Unlocker to connect to the internet every time it checks for a new version. For those curious Unlocker is only sending "GET /unlocker/version.txt HTTP/1.0\r\nHost:\r\n" and nothing else. Thanks to Jean-Paul Chavant and Osman Zeki for the suggestion.

- Now you have the choice during install between the Explorer extension or a SendTo shortcut or both or neither. Thanks to Icfu and Marcus for the suggestion- Added a silent mode for people who want to use unlocker as a command line. The syntax is: unlocker.exe filename /S (or -S) and it will unlock all found handles without showing the window. Thanks to Ghenadie Cotaga for the suggestion

- My antivirus complains about Unlocker, is there any malware? No, Unlocker will always be 100% safe, check my blog for more info.- Unlocker stopped working, what should I do? Uninstall Unlocker, reboot, delete all registry keys containing Unlocker, reboot, reinstall.- Your site was down, is there an official mirror somewhere? and I am working on a more robust long term solution.- Does unlocker work on Windows Vista and Windows 7? Yes. If you want to disable UAC globally, go to "Control Panel" then "User Accounts" then again "User Accounts" then "Turn User Account Control" and set it to Off, then restart your computer.- Does unlocker work on 64 bit versions of Windows? Yes, since version 1.9.0.- Can Unlocker be run in command line? Yes! Unlocker -H for command line options.- What is "Error Debug Privileges"? It means that your Local Security Settings do not allow a Debug Privilege for your profile. Read Microsoft's documentation and set "Debug Programs" rights.- What is "Error Backup Privileges"? It means that your Local Security Settings do not allow a Backup Privilege for your profile. Read Microsoft's documentation and set "Back up files and directories" rights.- How to set privileges on Windows XP home edition? Download the resource kit here and from the command line set the privileges you need: SeBackupPrivilege, SeDebugPrivilege and SeLoadDriverPrivilege. Here is the example for the debug privileges: ntrights +r SeDebugPrivilege -u YourAccountName- How to have Unlocker Explorer extension run in silent mode? I strongly advise not to use this, you should always look which processes lock a file, because some of them might be valid. However if you wish to ignore those recommendations install this in your registry.- How to delete index.dat? It is very simple: 1/ in explorer right click the index.dat file and chose Unlocker, 2/ Select "Delete" in left bottom corner, 3/ click "Unlock All" and you are done!- I unlock all handles but I still can not manually delete the file, and when I try again to unlock the file unlocker find again some locks, what should I do? Select "Delete" before clicking "Unlock All".- Why do my firewall says that Unlocker is trying to connect to the internet? Since Unlocker 1.6.5, during installation you have an option to automatically check for updates. Reinstall Unlocker without this option if you want to turn it off. For those curious Unlocker is only sending "GET /unlocker/version.txt HTTP/1.0\r\nHost:\r\n" and nothing else.- How to translate Unlocker in my language? Download this file, translate it and email it at Is this website " " authorised to distribute Unlocker? No it is not.- What is Unlocker Assistant? Unlocker Assistant stays in your system tray bar and automatically launches Unlocker if you are trying to delete/rename/move a file that is locked. So for those who use Unlocker Assistant, no need to right click files or folders anymore. This feature can be deactivated during the install.- Which visual style is used in the screenshots? Crystal dlb 2

in an answer to a previous question another user recommended a tool to me, Unlocker. Its original homepage is offline, but there are plenty of websites which offer version 1.9.0 which I downloaded from 2 places, compared the filesize, it was identical, and installed it, then rebooted, but it does not do anything except that there's a new icon in the tray.

Actually there is a 64 bit version of Unlocker, look for a file such as: Unlocker1.9.1-x64.exe This program works great in Windows 7 64-bit, but not all download sites have the 64 bit version of Unlocker available. Have Fun being in control of your computer!

Unlocker Assistant helps unlock files locked by operating system permissions or other issues. The program automatically launches if you are trying to delete/rename/move a file that is locked. When not in use, it stays in your system tray bar. Additionally, individual locked files and folders may be drag-and-dropped onto unlocker.exe.Alternatively, Unlocker Portable (beta) is a launcher-only version of Unlocker.

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Is this still available? I clicked on the portable download from the website, which redirected me to a download site, which redirected me to another download site... about half a dozen sites later with no download in sight, one of them finally tried to get me to download and install a dodgy "Download Software Manager" app. I gave up at that point.

When is the version listed here going to be changed back to the correct one?"... and more advertising I get 1.9.0"The website quite clearly shows the download link for the PORTABLE version (and it is only portable we're interested here, isn't it) is 1.9.0 not 1.9.1 like the standard installs."Portable Version (It's only version 1.9.1)" -unlocker-portable-431245.htmlNo it's not. It's 1.9.0. So is this a typo?" =8&t=8955"It's my understanding that this method will not work for 64-bit systems and this is why the portable version is still only 1.9.0.So, again, when is the version listed here going to be changed back to the correct one?

@Silverbup pointed out again - it's 1.9.0 that downloads. The advert is an additional window you have to close, wont kill anyone but an annoyance. Plus, why not display the tool you're there to download in Blue and not a secondary tool.I meant 'foistware', allergy season for me.

How absurd, too bad the dev didn't implement a simple download concept, as simple as Unlocker is supposed to be when it comes to unlocking files. After all the java redirects and more advertising I get 1.9.0. Added to my 'faustware' list just because the annoyance trying to get the file. Unlocker=I'll Pass

@ melmitts: yes, there is something in the new version to do with eBay handler or something that will try to connect to the net. My understanding is that this is not present in the portable version though. I used the installer version but extracted it and only used the required files together with the unlocker portable installer from PortableApps (which has the advantage of keeping the Unlocker right-click context menu entry): Hope this helps.

Beginning with OpenVMS 11gR2 Oracle Database, it is required to use the ODS-5 format for all disks involved with the installation. This includes the login, download, install target, temporary install, database, and archive/redo logs devices.


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