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Regional Research Centers

Muslim Indo-Caribbean Studies Center

Muslim Indo-Fijian Studies Center

Muslim Indo-African Studies Center

The Muslim Indentureship Studies Center was created realizing the need and gap in academia for Muslim voices on Indentureship and displacement from South Asia in Indentureship Studies, Indian Diaspora Studies, South Asian Diaspora Studies and regional Studies (ex: Indo-Caribbean Studies/ Caribbean Studies, Indo-Fijian Studies/ South Pacific Studies, Indo-African Studies/ African Studies etc.).

The Muslim Indentureship Studies Center was created as a space to study, unpack, share, learn, unlearn, reclaim, decolonize, resist colonial legacies of intergenerational trauma/exploitation (Decolonize Mental Health), stand in solidarity as well as connect over the multiple intersectional truths, lived experiences and positionalities of being both Muslim and the descendant of indentured labourers displaced  from South Asia.

If you are interested in The Muslim Indentureship Studies Center please email:

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