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Garmin Fenix 2

Hi there, I have noticed with my fenix 2 there does not appear to be any way to show the hundreths when you do a lap or in the stopwatch mode, ie it only show to the closest second. Is there any way to do this?

Garmin Fenix 2

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Do you know if the fenix 2 does golf in the same way the vivoative does. I really like the fenix form but golf would be a deal breaker for me and was hoping to get away with a cheaper Fenix 2 rather than the fenix 3

Hi all,My 310XT get old and I want to purchased a fenix2. There is always available stock of Fenix2 somewhere.Could someone tell me if this watch can store several custom workouts ? On 310xt I can set, store and choose many custom workouts.I checked some videos on internet but any of them can tell me. Same thing for online manuals.And how about routes ? just one route or many ?Thank you

In addition to Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, the first fenix featured an onboard altimeter, barometer, thermometer, and compass. With the fenix 2, Garmin has added an accelerometer to the mix. This new sensor brings improved features for runners, stroke tracking for swimmers, and the potential for even more developments in the future.

The fenix 2 can track cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, climbing, hiking, navigating, trail running, running, cycling, open-water swimming, pool swimming, gym workouts, and even multisport activities like a triathlon. Each preset transforms the watch like a chameleon into what is essentially a specialized fitness watch for the chosen activity.

After pairing the watch we were ready to dive in, literally. In theory, swimming with the fenix 2 is simple: Select swim, then pool, and press the red start button on the upper right side of the watch. As we learned repeatedly with this complex watch, however, one small mistake during setup can have disastrous consequences on the end results. This happened on our first and second swims, when we entered the wrong pool length. The watch uses this data, along with the built-in accelerometer, to determine the number of laps, stroke, pace, and other metrics. After a 45-minute swim, all our results were botched by this one early error. Lesson learned.

In Open Water swim mode, the fenix 2 uses GPS to keep track of the distance, speed, and times much as it would on a hike, however, it uses the accelerometer to count strokes. We discovered that depending on the stroke we were doing, the fenix 2 would occasionally lose contact with the GPS. For people who train in open water all the time, this could be a major problem. We found the mode more useful for stand-up paddling and surfing. In fact, if the fenix 2 included tide charts in its data mix, it would be one of the best surf watches on the market.

First and foremost, the fenix 2 is a great watch. It looks good from a distance and up close. It feels solid on the wrist, and presents the time, day, and date on a large easy-to-read digital face. It resists water to 50 meters so we could shower, surf, and swim without worrying about it getting dunked. It has an adjustable backlight and contrast controls, customizable alarms, a stop watch, and pretty much all the comforts of a quality, normal watch.

Please configure your watch face via Garmin Connect Mobile or Garmin Express. Here is how to do it: https:\/\/\/settingsHelp.In comparison to V1 this version works with garmin weather and does not need a foreign weather services but therefore this version only supports devices that support CIQ3.2. This version is smaller and better than V1 and does not have any dependency to a foreign service.Also this is the version to use if possible - it already has more features than V1 and most new features will only be added to this version.If something does not work or if you miss a feature, please contact me via \"contact dev\".--------------------------------------DOCUMENTATION \/ SETUP--------------------------------------\u25CB Documentation: https:\/\/\/garmin\/phoenix\/documentation\/\u25CB Pro Code (to remove model name overlay): https:\/\/\/doc\/garmin\/pro-code\/All features of this watchface are free, only a very small overlay will be shown over the clocktime with your watches name. To remove this, simply send me a small donation (select any amount, whatever you think is appropriate).--------------------------------------FEATURES--------------------------------------\u25CB theming (custom colors: foreground, background, accent)\u25CB 5 to 8 data fields in a circular form (customisable)\u25CB 6 data fields inside the content area (2 of them for graphs and special fields)Data fields (supported by any data field):\u25CB heart rate\u25CB steps\u25CB altitude\u25CB air pressure\u25CB calories\u25CB temperature\u25CB battery\u25CB distance\u25CB floors climbed\u25CB floors descendent\u25CB active minutes (day)\u25CB active minutes (week)\u25CB notifications\u25CB next sunrise\/sunset\u25CB today's sunrise\u25CB today's sunset\u25CB time until next sunrise\/sunset\u25CB time\u25CB weekday and day\u25CB month\u25CB weather\u25CB humidity\u25CB precipitation\u25CB custom text 1\u25CB custom text 2\u25CB alternative timezone (2x)\u25CB ...Special data fields (supported inside the content area at top and bottom):\u25CB graph - heart rate\u25CB graph - pressure\u25CB graph - altitude\u25CB graph - active minutes (last 7 days)\u25CB graph - calories (last 7 days)\u25CB graph - floors climbed (last 7 days)\u25CB graph - floors descendent (last 7 days)\u25CB graph - steps (last 7 days)\u25CB weather with details\u25CB weather preview\u25CB move bar\u25CB last known gps location\u25CB ..."; var appDescriptionMoreLabel = "More"; A watchface based on the look of the Fenix 6 watchface - with a LOT of customisations (including a lot of different datas).Please configure your watch face via Garmin Connect Mobile or Garmin Express. Here is how to do it: comparison to V1 this version works with garmin weather and does not need a foreign weather services but therefore this version only supports devices that support CIQ3.2. This version is smaller and better than V1 and does not have any dependency to a foreign service.

Garmin fenix is an outdoor watch equipped with a GPS receiver. In published specification Garmin declared no support for maps, but watch has basic map and about 20MB free storage. There is possibility to install additional maps with Mapsource or MapInstall. The same is true for similar models, like Garmin tactix, quatix i fenix 2.

Maps are divided into tiles up to 3.5MB size, you can load several selected tiles from PC to device. Easiest way to load maps is to use Mapsource, it allows for selecting tiles and transfer to fenix attached to USB. Mapsource creates file \Garmin\gmapsupp.img on device.

When using BaseCamp loading maps is supported by external program MapInstall. It works similar to Mapsource but creates file with name, that is not recognized by fenix. After transferring files to device you have to manually rename new img file to \Garmin\gmapsupp.img.

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