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Golden Virginia Tobacco Price In Germany

The "paint can" tin is the best in the business and there is no need to transfer the tobacco into a mason jar, as it will hold the moisture level perfectly. The tobacco comes in long, rolled up flakes and the moisture level is just how I like it and ready to be smoked right out of the tin. This is the best presentation I have come across and I proudly display it alongside my pipes. I have smoked it in all different sized bowls and I prefer to smoke this in a larger bowl because a smaller one is just too short of a smoke and I find that when I'm smoking this one, I never want it to end. This blend smokes cool and feels soft and silky as I retrohale, it can surely bite when pushed too hard but it's overall pretty forgiving. I definitely detect a very light top note but I wouldn't consider this an aromatic, it's just enough to add to the overall nuance of the blend. At first, I thought that this tasted exactly like Orlik Golden Sliced and it does have some similarities but this here blend is on the shelf above the top shelf, it's absolutely amazing and I promise you, it doesn't get any better than this. This blend is a bit on the pricey side but R.L Will is very strict on what tobaccos make the cut, he only accepts the best of the best so I have no problem paying for quality and quality is really an understatement in regards to this blend. The tobacco burns down to a fine grey ash and never leaves moisture build up in the bottom of the bowl. I have found my Holy Grail, boys and I'm willing to share it with all of you, just be sure to leave some for the rest of us. I honestly don't know why I even smoke other blends within the same genre, nothing compares... nothing! Absolutely essential!

Golden Virginia Tobacco Price In Germany

This is one of the longest flake Ive ever encounter! Its a very long tobacco strip roller inside the tin. Really neat if you are into the whole "I roll my flakes and smoke them un-rubbed".The tin aroma gives a zesty lemony aroma. Some hints of bread and raisins can be noticed. The perique can also be smelled, but is somewhat subtle.After a couple of years in the cellar, the tobacco came right on the spot of humidity. Rubbing it out is a real pleasure. I do not know a lot about the "white burley" but some almost white tobacco leafs can be found.This virginia flake is very round on the palate. Flavor is delicious, as the perique and burley match perfectly with the virginias. Upong further smoking the citrus notes are less noticeable, and a more robust flavor can be sensed. This blend should be smoked with a slow pace or it may burn hot.

The tin of Long Golden Flake I am smoking now is about two years old, and given that there is no air-tight factory sealing, the tobacco has preserved its moisture very well. The golden colour has darkened a bit, and both the tin aroma and the taste have ripened.

Lovely tin note, mostly just the smell of good virginia, no cocoa from the burley, but a hint of raisin. Rubs out easily, packed a bit loose it smokes to the heel with little drying time. Tastes like a great straight virginia, the perique and burley are well in the background. Very bright, sweet but not overly so, and great grassy/hay notes throughout and a slight bit of spice from the perique, which stand out more towards the end of the bowl as the sweetness subsides a bit. Really wonderful tobacco taste. Not sure anyone else is enjoying the room note, but smelling it on my clothes sure makes me want more. Didn't find it to smoke any hotter than most virginias, personally, but full flavor definitely requires a slow smoke. Wish it wasn't 23 bucks a tin, but other than that I can't find anything to complain about. This is great tobacco. Didn't really taste the burley, but that's my palate, I'm sure, and not the blend. Not similar to anything I've smoked. Almost, but not close enough to call.

Another great R. L. Will blend! and one that is accessible to a wide range of smokers. Being a fan of solani 633 and solani aged burley flake, I gave long golden flake a chance - and I am glad I did. This is an extremely well rounded smoke.. The first thing you notice about it is the care of the presentation. It looks amazing.. then you smell it and you know you are indeed in for something special. the smoke itself is mainly about the virginias.. although there is a little perique and some burley influence.. but you just taste the finest natural tobacco flavors in a beautiful flake form.. I think it is cased. but not much.. very natural tasting.. the quality of the smoke makes me wonder if there is some aging going on before it is packaged and sent off.. very smooth even and even elegant smoke. edit:

Having just recently tried orlick golden sliced it was interesting how closely related these two tobaccos seemed to be. Whatever flavoring is added (be it discreetly) is nearly the same! LGF has the addition of perique which adds a little complexity.. but both blended flakes are quite good and in the same profile as far as I am concerned.. I guess the novelty of the reiner presentation along with the perique give it a very slight edge.

I think if you were searching for all day five bowl a day blend and you pulled down 12K a year that LGF is the absolute wrong smoke for you, but that doesn?t lose it a star, nor does the fact that I get three times as much Anniversary Kake for the buck lower the rating for LGF, but comparing the cost of two tobaccos I gave four stars too is again like comparing the smoking quality of the Radice against a corn cob, it?s an unreasonable way to look at things you can?t put a dollar and cents price on a sublime experience. I guess the best answer to ?Is it Worth It?? is can you afford it? I?ll go through a lot more twelve year old scotch and Anniversary Kake than I will eighteen year old scotch and LGF, but I don?t regret the occasion or the sublime joy that is smoking LGF or drinking an eighteen year old Glen Morangie.

Yes, it's pricey. That will keep it from being my mainstay. But that gorgeous little golden paint can keeps pulling me back, saying, "yeah, forget that it's fifteen bucks a pop. One fantastic smoke is only a quarter." I find it highly unlikely that anyone (ok, there is Darwin...) will be disappointed. Five stars out of four.

Well there is nothing much to say here but it is true this is the Grace Kelly of the Virginia world , classy is the only thing I can think of to described this tobacco the virginias are the lead, with the burley to hold back the sharpness of the virginias, with that being said the burley is barely noticeable the periquete keeps things from being boring but I can barely tasted it except that you know is there because you can smelled in the tin and it weaves in and out toward the bottom half of the bowl, everything about the mixture is just done right the only knock that it is pricey and the nicotine could be higher but it is a must buy.

The flavors from the smoke are amazing. The smoke is creamy, not just in texture, but also in flavor...almost a cheese flavor, but I wouldn't go that far. The smoke is sweet and rich. The sweetness is a citrus, creamy sweet that mingles with some hay and good virginia tobacco flavor. The topping is noticeable but only slighly. About 2/3 of the way down the bowl it becomes more strong and robust and loses a bit of it's light sweetness, however that sweetness dances in your mouth throughout the bowl from time to time. It does have some punch to it...not strong, just more than other virginia flakes I've tried (other than Irish Flake, University Flake, etc...). As I write this about the sweetness of this blend, I must say that it isn't sweet like an aro and that it is nicely balanced with the nutty burley and just straight up tobacco flavor. It's a great tobacco!!! I don't know what else to say.

I was so impressed with this tobacco that I didn't expect to wow me this much, that I purchased a tin for myself. I'm finding that I do like virginia and virginia combo flakes (there will be more reviews of other flakes coming in the near future).

Of all the virginia burley blends, this is my favorite. Initially right out of the tin, this blend tastes like Orlick Golden Sliced and Pease's Montgomery. However when I close the tin and let it sit for a year this tobacco becomes truely sublime in complexity and flavor. New tins only get 3 stars. PS keep those little paint cans. They are perfect for storing those Solani flakes you will be trying.

This comes in a nice gold tin with a paint can style lid. Inside you find a beautiful long coiled belt of golden Virginia tobacco. I agree with other reviewers that the tin aroma is that of tobacco and anise, however I don't believe there is a casing on this tobacco and I could identify no casing during the smoking, taste or room note.

It came moist but ready to smoke. Compared to other Virginia flakes, it's complex. It has a long, sweet finish. It has that rich tobacco flavor with subtle hints of grass and spice. The flavor was medium strength and very satisfying to the palette. Room note was that of moderately rich tobacco. No doubt some aging on this will improve it considerably and increase it's complexity. Is it expensive? A little more than most but compared to the $15 per cigar I'm accustomed to, the price is acceptable for a great product.

I finally took the plunge and ordered some Reiner LGF and I am happy I did. First let me address the issue of price, which some have complained about. A bit less than $20 for 100gm is very competetive with the normal fair of high-end tobaccos in 50gm amounts going from $9-$12 (Orlik Golden Slice is one of the exceptions to this for such a fine flake). I paid $9.92 for a 50gm tin of Marlin Flake with the same order, so we're in the same ball park.

Now for the review. Upon opening the tin I found a nicely coiled belt of tobacco of a predominantly golden color with darker flecks throughout. Its tin aroma immediately reminded me of Orlik's Golden Slice but was more orange-forward. The hint of OGS's lemon was present, retaining its Bergamot character - just not as stong. I detected no traditional aroma associated with Perique. The moisture content was just right for smoking. A small piece of flake broke off one end and came apart quite readily. Tearing off a wad and packing without rubbing out is how I usually smoke this as I prefer not top rub out my flakes. Lighting was easy and I required one re-light after the initial two lights to start. The taste, for me, was similar to Orlik GS, but a bit stronger and fuller in character all around. I attribute this to the fine Burley used. As I am not a Perique fan, with Reiner's LGF I found the Perique wasn't as over the top as with some blends, nor was it musty. It added a very enjoyable spice-like presence (which good Virginia leaf can do on its own). The additional spiciness is all that set the two apart. Reiner's never smoked hot, nor did it produce any bite or moisture. With slow smoking, I also detected the presence of licorice. The aftertaste is a pleasant, honey/orange.

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