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Christ Apostolic Church Yoruba Hymn Book Download

The Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) is one of the largest and oldest Pentecostal churches in Nigeria, founded in 1918 by Joseph Ayo Babalola. The CAC is known for its emphasis on the power of the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, divine healing, and evangelism. The CAC also has a rich heritage of hymns, which are sung in worship services, crusades, conventions, and other gatherings.


The CAC hymns are composed in various languages, such as English, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, and others. However, the Yoruba hymns are the most popular and widely used among the CAC members and branches. The Yoruba hymns are based on the Bible, the doctrines of the CAC, and the experiences of the founding fathers and mothers of the church. They are also full of poetic expressions, metaphors, similes, and proverbs that reflect the Yoruba culture and worldview.

The CAC Yoruba hymn book is a collection of over 600 hymns that have been compiled and edited by the CAC authorities over the years. The hymn book is divided into 15 sections, such as Praise, Worship, Thanksgiving, Salvation, Sanctification, Holy Spirit, Healing, Faith, Prayer, Revival, Mission, Victory, Heaven, Judgment, and Funeral. The hymn book also contains an index of first lines and choruses for easy reference.

The CAC Yoruba hymn book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the CAC history, theology, and spirituality. It is also a great tool for personal devotion, family worship, and corporate praise. However, finding a hard copy of the hymn book can be difficult and expensive for some people. That is why there are some websites that offer the CAC Yoruba hymn book download for free or at a low cost.

How to Download the CAC Yoruba Hymn Book

There are different ways to download the CAC Yoruba hymn book online. Some of them are:

  • CAC Gospel Hymn Book Website: This is the official website of the CAC Gospel Hymn Book project. The website offers the CAC Yoruba hymn book in PDF format for free download. The website also provides an online hymn book that allows users to search, listen, sing along, print, and copy any hymn. Users can also access the CAC Gospel Hymn Book mobile app on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

  • Top Reliable Tech Website: This is a website that offers various ICT services. The website also provides the CAC Yoruba hymn book in MS Word format for free download. The website claims that the hymn book is optimized for phone, computer, and projector display; highly customizable; super quality; excellent proof-read; sleek and elegant; compatible with most MS Word versions; and ultra-light.

  • Other Websites: There are other websites that offer the CAC Yoruba hymn book download in different formats and qualities. Some of them are [CAC Hymns], [CAC Hymnal], [CAC Hymns App], [CAC Hymns PDF], [CAC Hymns Softcopy], etc. However, users should be careful when downloading from these websites as some of them may contain viruses or malware.


The CAC Yoruba hymn book is a treasure trove of spiritual songs that can enrich anyone's faith and worship. It is also a testimony of God's mighty works in and through the CAC movement. By downloading the CAC Yoruba hymn book online, users can have easy access to this precious resource anytime and anywhere. However, users should also respect the intellectual property rights of the CAC authorities and use the hymn book for personal or non-commercial purposes only.


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