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Buy Shiner Beer Online

The Shiner Dive Bar Cupcake is a pretzel crust-lined chocolate chip-studded potato chip cake, topped with Shiner beer-infused dark chocolate frosting, a chocolate-covered pretzel, and a chocolate-dipped potato chip. That sounds like the sweet AND salty treat of our dreams!

buy shiner beer online

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The best way to find out if a particular store near you carries Shiner beer is to visit the Beer Finder on the Shiner website. Simply enter your zip code and the type of store you are looking for and the Beer Finder will give you a list of stores in your area that sell Shiner beer. You can also find Shiner beer on tap at many bars and restaurants. Use the Beer Finder to locate bars and restaurants near you that serve Shiner beer on tap.

When it comes to Shiner beer, there are a lot of great options to choose from. However, if you had to narrow it down to just one, the best option would be Shiner Bock. This beer is the flagship beer for the Spoetzl Brewery, and it is one of the most popular craft beers on the market. It has a rich flavor that is perfect for any occasion, and it is sure to please even the most discerning beer drinker. If you are looking for a great Shiner beer to enjoy, make sure to try Shiner Bock.

The Spoetzl Brewery, founded in 1909, is the oldest independent brewery in Texas. The brewery is located in Shiner and produces the Shiner family of beers. The Spoetzl Brewery is owned by The Gambrinus Company, which also owns and operates several other craft breweries across the United States.

The Spoetzl Brewery was founded by Czech immigrant Charles Spoetzl in 1909. The brewery originally produced German-style lagers and became known for its flagship beer, Shiner Bock. In the late 1990s, the brewery began producing a variety of other styles of beer, including ales, wheat beers, and fruit beers. The Spoetzl Brewery is now one of the most popular craft breweries in Texas.

Shiner Bock is a beer that is brewed in Shiner, Texas. The Spoetzl Brewery, which is located in Shiner, is the only place where Shiner Bock is brewed. Shiner Bock is available for purchase in all 50 states in the United States. In addition to being sold in grocery stores and beer retailers, Shiner Bock can also be purchased online from the Spoetzl Brewery website.

Spoetzl Brewery (originally Shiner Brewing Association) is a brewery located in Shiner, Texas, United States. It produces a diverse line of Shiner beers, including their flagship Shiner Bock, a dark lager that is now distributed throughout the US. The brewery is owned by the Gambrinus Company, a family-owned company based in San Antonio, which also owns Trumer Brewery in Berkeley, California.[1]

The Spoetzl Brewery started in 1909.[2] It was originally named The Shiner Brewing Association (SBA) and was founded by German and Czech immigrants who had settled around the central Texas town of Shiner. Unable to find the type of beer they had known in their home countries, they decided to brew their own. It is the oldest independent brewery in Texas,[2] and one of the oldest independent breweries in the U.S.[3][4] The leaders of the SBA named Herman Weiss of Galveston as the company's first brewmaster.[5]Shiner beer was originally available only in the spring per the German Lent tradition (Lentenbock).[6] Bock beers have a long history of being brewed and consumed by Bavarian monks as a source of nutrition during times of fasting.[7]

As the brewery gained popularity in the area, the SBA began to look for a trained professional brewmaster. They found one in Bavarian-born Kosmos Spoetzl,[6] a onetime soldier who had trained as a brewmaster in his native Germany.[5] Part of the package that lured Spoetzl to Shiner was potential ownership of the brewery. In 1914, he co-leased it with Oswald Petzold with an option to buy in 1915,[5] which he did, giving the brewery his own name, but continuing to call the product Shiner Beer. Spoetzl had attended brewmaster's school and apprenticed for three years in Germany, worked for eight years at the Pyramids Brewery in Cairo, Egypt, and then worked in Canada. He had moved to San Antonio in search of a better climate for his health, bringing with him a family recipe for a Bavarian beer made from malted barley and hops.[5]

During Prohibition, Spoetzl kept the brewery afloat by selling ice and making near beer.[5] After Prohibition, only five of the original 13 Texas breweries were still intact.[citation needed] Following Prohibition, Spoetzl kept things small and simple, never going more than 100 miles (160 km) for business.[5]

In the 1970s and 1980s, the brewery's Shiner Premium Beer and Shiner Bock accounted for less than 1% of the Texas beer market. In 1983, Spoetzl produced 60,000 US beer barrels (7,000 m3) of beer; in 1990, only 36,000 US beer barrels (4,200 m3). Sales improved after Carlos Alvarez of San Antonio[8] acquired the brewery in 1989. Production grew to 100,000 US beer barrels (12,000 m3) in 1994, and over the next 10 years, production nearly tripled. The company now has 120 employees.[8] As of 2012, it is the fourth-largest craft brewery in the United States.[6]

Spoetzl created "Devil Beer" in 1987, sold to fans of the Arizona State Sun Devils.[5] The brewery also licensed the Boulder Brewery of Colorado to sell its "Boulder Sport" in the late '80s.[5] Spoetzl currently produces 9 Shiner beers year-round and four Shiner seasonal brews per year.[9]

Shiner 100 had the longest run of all the anniversary beers, seeing production all year long in 2009. After each beer's specified production run has ended, that year's beer is retired. However, Shiner 97 proved to be so popular that in 2008, Spoetzl brought the beer back as Shiner Bohemian Black Lager and made it a permanent offering. The Spoetzl Brewery originally intended to conclude its centennial beer production in 2009, but decided to continue the annual program indefinitely.

Shine On is a coffee table book by Dallas author Mike Renfro, which documents the little brewery's history in photos as well as story. The book follows the brewery from 1909 to 2008. In addition to the history on the brewery, Shine On also includes the history of the town, as well as a look at some of the people responsible for making Shiner beer.

Working with their Austin-based advertising agency, McGarrah Jessee, Shiner's guerilla marketing efforts at the Austin City Limits Music Festival have consistently promoted their brand.[15] In 2010, the company created the "Shiner Beer Local Stage", which featured a two-day lineup of local bands performing on a custom stage constructed under two billboards near Zilker Park. In 2012, a beer garden, complete with a replica of the Spoetzl brewery facade, was added.[16]

Whether you call it soda or pop, the fact remains: a bubbly cola is one of life's simple pleasures. In addition to regular colas and diet colas, Sam's Club stocks an excellent selection of canned beverages such as root beer, lemon-lime soda and other flavors. And if you run a convenience store or you're using a soda dispenser, you'll be glad to know that you can buy lots of different flavors of soda syrup at Sam's Club.

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One nice thing about purchasing beer in bottles and beer in cans is that you can offer a variety of different types of beer at your gathering. Pick up a 30-pack of domestic beer that's on the lighter side, and then grab a few 6-packs or 12-packs of darker ales or imports to mix things up. Set everything up in a cooler, and offer containers for recycling glass and aluminum cans.

A tale of perseverance and passion, Shiner has produced every ounce of beer since 1909 at the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. A success story has been written; and now, more than 6 million cases of Shiner beer are delivered across the nation.

In 1909, what is now Spoetzl Brewery consisted of an old tin shed in a farming community where a local beer was produced that replaced beer shipped in by railroad from San Antonio and Houston. The residents of this farm community struck plenty of artesian well water, which is the same water all Shiner beer is still brewed with.

Within a year of leasing the brewery, Spoetzl bought the facility and began producing beer in wooden kegs and bottles. In 1918, when Prohibition was declared, the brewery produced near beer and ice, and regular beer according to some sources; Spoetzl kept the brewery afloat during this time by doing construction work in Florida.

In 1933 when Prohibition was repealed, business resumed, and the brewery continued to thrive selling beer within a 100-mile radius of the facility. It was in 1947 that Spoetzl constructed the white brick Alamo-style brewery that serves as headquarters today.

Shiner Beer is now sold and consumed across the nation. What started as a way to create Old World-influenced beers for family and friends in Shiner, Texas has become something much larger. The company and the products they produce have earned over 70 awards dating back to 1999. 041b061a72


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