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Bhaktha Hanuman Tamil Movie 20

Bhaktha Hanuman Tamil Movie 20

Bhaktha Hanuman is a Tamil movie series that depicts the life and adventures of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god and devotee of Lord Rama. The movie series is based on the Hindu epic Ramayana and various other sources of Hanuman lore. The movie series started in 1944 with the first movie titled Bhaktha Hanuman, directed by K. Subramanyam and starring V. A. Chellappa as Hanuman. The movie was a musical drama that featured songs composed by G. Ramanathan and sung by V. A. Chellappa, T. M. Soundararajan, P. Leela, and others.

The movie series continued with several sequels, each one focusing on a different aspect of Hanuman's character and deeds. Some of the notable movies in the series are:

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  • Bhaktha Hanuman (1944): The first movie in the series that introduces Hanuman as the son of Anjana and Kesari, who is blessed by Lord Shiva and Vayu, the wind god. The movie shows how Hanuman grows up to be a powerful and loyal servant of Lord Rama and helps him in his quest to rescue his wife Sita from the demon king Ravana.

  • Sri Rama Bhaktha Hanuman (1958): The second movie in the series that is a remake of the Hindi movie Bajrangbali (1956). The movie depicts the war between Rama and Ravana, where Hanuman plays a crucial role in destroying Ravana's army and finding Sita in Lanka. The movie also shows how Hanuman faces a challenge from King Yayati, who is a devotee of Rama but is misled by Goddess Parvati's illusion.

  • Sri Rama Hanuman Yudham (1974): The third movie in the series that is a remake of the Telugu movie Sri Rama Anjaneya Yuddham (1973). The movie portrays the friendship between Rama and Hanuman, as well as their conflicts with other enemies such as Vali, Sugriva, Indrajit, and Ahiravan. The movie also features the famous scene where Hanuman lifts an entire mountain to bring a medicinal herb for Lakshmana.

  • Bhaktha Anjaneya (2004): The fourth movie in the series that is a remake of the Kannada movie Sri Anjaneya (2003). The movie narrates the story of Hanuman after the end of Ramayana, where he continues to serve Rama and his descendants. The movie also shows how Hanuman protects his devotees from various troubles and evils.

  • Bhaktha Hanuman 20 (2023): The latest and upcoming movie in the series that is expected to release soon. The movie is said to be a modern adaptation of Hanuman's legend, where he is reincarnated as a human in the present day. The movie will explore how Hanuman deals with the challenges and temptations of the contemporary world, while staying true to his devotion to Rama.

The Bhaktha Hanuman Tamil movie series is one of the longest-running and most popular mythological movie series in Indian cinema. The movies have been praised for their devotion, music, action, and special effects. The movies have also inspired many other movies, TV shows, comics, and books based on Hanuman's character. The movies have been watched and loved by generations of viewers who admire Hanuman's strength, courage, wisdom, and loyalty.

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