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How to Create Your Own Expansion Packs with Yamaha Expansion Voice Editor

This convenient software editor lets you visually edit the onboard voices of S03 on a personal computer. This also allows you to transmit all edited data to the synthesizer at one time, or to store voice data on a computer. S03 Voice Editor can be used both a software plug-ins for OPT supported sequencers and stand-alone software.

Yamaha Expansion Voice Editor Full Version

One result of both clients playing and recording together regularly was that Dean's musicality in other areas began to shine. It was evident that he possessed musical skills not only on drums, but also on acoustic guitar and as a singer. His strong musicality, including perfect pitch, enabled him to reproduce complex chords and rhythmic patterns that he had learned by listening to one of his favourite bands, Porcupine Tree. He recorded an initial draft of a song of theirs called Time Flies (Wilson, 2009), as he knew the first two minutes of the song and wanted to master the rest. Having the opportunity to record the song prompted his motivation to learn the full tune. At the same time, he was frustrated because he could not accurately replicate the guitar playing throughout the song. Promoting the idea of a cover version was again helpful in that it encouraged him to persevere towards a more personalized performance style. Recording can provide a direction and reward for ongoing effort and practice. In Dean's case, opportunities to record instrumentally facilitated his growth and versatility across different forms of musical expression. launched a trade advertising campaign that focuses on the site's election year strength. To make clear how well attracts an affluent,educated and influential audience, the ads use images of common things that are known for having a strong attraction. For example, the first print ad shows bees swarming to a nest. The campaign willrun through the fall. The headline on the first print ad asks "Just how well do we attract the affluent, the educated and the influential during an election year?" Then it answers, "As great is at attracting affluent, educated and influential users every day, we're extraordinary at it during election years. Something to consider if that's your target audience." The ads,designed by AdWorks, Washington, D.C., will run in print and online editions of Adweek, Mediaweek, Brandweek, Advertising Age, MediaPost's MEDIA Magazine andMediaDailyNews (sister publications of Out to Launch), and ClickZ. Mott'shas launched a campaign, targeting the Hispanic Market, for its Clamato tomato cocktail beverage. The TV, billboard and radio campaign launched on April 26, and will air on national HispanicTV. The campaign focuses on the ability to keep a positive and optimistic attitude and perseverance through adversity. Using humor, the ads make Clamato drinkers the heroes of everyday situations.del Rivero Messianu DDB, Miami FL, created the campaign. The outdoor and radio components will highlight the brand's new tagline "Anima tu Dia" (Liven up you day) and will be running in most ofthe top 25 US Hispanic Markets. interTrend Communicationsis one of four California agencies that teamed up with the American Cancer Society to create a public service campaign promoting National Colorectal Cancer Awareness. Each ad helps to dispelthe myths of colorectal disease and encourages colon cancer screenings in the Chinese-American community. The agency's ad shows a toilet sitting atop a rocking chair, along with copy that says, "Whenlife is so unpredictable, prevention is the best medicine." All ads in the campaign feature actual Chinese-American cancer survivors and physicians who share stories and facts about cancer screening.The ads will run, on a rotation schedule, in Chinese-language newspapers throughout the year. A52 provided visual effects for Team One Advertising's latest ad for Lexus. "Dimples," a :30 spot, is currently airing nationwide. The ad is set in a darkenedwind-tunnel test facility; Lexus' sedan is raised into the air and then spun over onto its back. A fan blows a stream of smoke that hugs the vehicle's profile, and a closeup shot reveals theundercarriage's dimpled panels, which were developed by Lexus' engineers to reduce noise and lower wind resistance. "So it's aerodynamic, from every angle," concludes the voiceover. Lugz Shoe Company, a brand of urban footwear, has partnered with hip-hop artistBryan "Baby" Williams, akaBirdman, to create a signature athletic shoe called "Birdman." The shoe debuts on May 15, and a full print, radio and television advertising campaign willsupport the launch of the collection. Sales for Lugz Shoes in 2003 reached $150 million. The "Birdman" shoe will sell for $70. Avrett Free & Ginsberg created the campaign.Marshall Advertising & Design has recruited hundreds of stars -literally - for its latest Yamaha motorcycle TV spot. The 30-second commercial for the Yamaha Star motorcycle line, entitled "Shining Stars," is the latest installment of thecompany's multi-million dollar national campaign to support its 2004 line-up. The spot features a group of nine riders, each aboard a different Yamaha Star motorcycle, enjoying an evening cruise undera beautiful, star-lit night. In website launches this week: Yahoo!en español has partnered with Fox Pan American Sports (FPAS), to launch a co-branded Spanish-language sports site for FPAS' U.S. Hispanic network, Fox Sports en Español, to offer sports coverage to users in the U.S. and around the world. The site will offer comprehensive Spanish-language sports content,including exclusive streaming video footage of marquee soccer competitions such as the Copa Toyota Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, that form part of the Yahoo! Sports Soccer Pass service.To expand the reach of its Operation Graduation campaign (whichraises awareness for its high-school dropout prevention program), the Ad Council selected Makinita to create HallwayHurdles, a teen-targeted online game that challenges and encourages players to race through the hallways of high school toward the ultimate goal of graduation. "True Fact" Jack and "A-plus" Aliceare challenged to graduate, and bonuses (including books and calculators) and obstacles (detentions, alcohol, and characters representing drugs and gangs) are featured. The game is featured in bothEnglish and Spanish.


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