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Posters Frame [PATCHED]

Poster & Frame is a poster store with roots in Scandinavia. Here you will find posters; posters with illustrations, paintings, graphics and photographs made by renowned artists from around the world. We hand-pick every single art piece from the many artists and make sure that you get exclusive posters in quality print for your home or workplace. In Poster & Frame, we stand out from other poster stores in that each order is produced individually. In this way, we keep paper consumption low and sustainability high. Whereas other stores have stock of posters and posters that will eventually be damaged. We make sure that you as a customer get a new print to hang on your wall - fresh from print. Poster & Frame was established in 2018, and the team behind it consists of passionate art lovers with experience from the Danish design and advertising industry.

posters frame

First off, the prints are 13" x 19" - a common size for posters and the size the original WPA posters were printed. While not the most common frame size, there are plenty of options! Just make sure the frame is either for a 13" x 19" print, or that the matte board has a cut out for 13" x 19" pictures.

Here's a great, inexpensive option! This flat black wood frame is a timeless and affordable solution to displaying your posters. It's sleek narrow black frame is on-trend yet classic, making it a perfect welcome to any decor.

On the less expensive side, you could get some minimalist frames like these "Format Frames" on Amazon. The frame fits the print perfectly, and there is no matte around the print. You can buy 1, 6 or 12 at a time!

This Studio Decor frame from Michaels has an inset perfectly sized for the posters. It also has a nice white matte board and a decent composite frame. It usually sells for about $40, but is often on sale for about $22, or you can use a coupon code for a better deal. Follow the link below the photo to see the frame on their site. Make sure to choose the one for 13" x 19" (finished size 16" x 24").

Then you just need a little double-sided tape, a ruler and a little patience to mount the poster to the backer board, over lay the matte board(s). Then, slip it back in the frame and tighten down the tabs in the back to hold it all together. You might also want to buy a wire hanging kit at the craft or hardware store. Usually with two screws, you can attach the wire so it's ready to hang! Depending on your frame choice and number of matte boards, it's possible to go this route for $50 - $99.

Our frames and picture frames are not only stylish, but they also protect your prints and posters! The acrylic glass protects against dirt and stains and keeps your art in good condition for a long time. Maybe you like to replace your posters according to the season or mood, in which case a durable frame is your best friend! Thanks to the fact that our frames are so easy to open from the back, you can easily replace your posters whenever you want, and without spending much change the look of your home.

We know how difficult it can be to decide which posters you want at home. Should the style be uniform, or do you want a design that creates a contrast? No matter what feeling you want to achieve in your home, we are sure that our frames online can help in the search for that perfect look!If you like nature designs or photo art in earthy tones, our wooden frames in oak and dark wood are a good choice. Natural materials interact well with designs in the same style, but you can, of course, create a contrast by using a frame in gold or silver for a luxurious feel. If you are a fan of posters with graphic illustrations in bold colours, maybe wooden frames in black or white are something for you! A white frame allows the design to take its rightful place on the wall, while a black frame creates contrast and depth.

And for some extra style points, you can purchase a passepartout that will both highlight the subject of the design and protect your poster. Having a passepartout around the design emphasises it nicely, and it creates a whole new overall feeling when you spend a little extra time on the details. In addition to choosing frames in one of our many colours, it is also nice to mix classic frames with other hanging pictures! For a little variety, you can use a trendy poster hanger or accessories such as poster clips, washi tape, and picture ledges. Discover all of these in the Accessories category.

At Poster Store you can shop wall art and beautiful prints online. Our collection is filled with stunning artwork ranging from maps of Stockholm and New York to fashion posters and gorgeous photography prints. Our art prints are inspired by Scandinavian design, and fit well in many different homes and interior design styles. Choose between our fashion and kitchen posters, nature inspired wall art, modern art, photography and much more. Discover our stunning Selection posters too, by talented artists like Tove Frank, Vee Speers and Love Warriors.

When framing posters you are able to create personalised arrangements. Find the perfect mix of frames and posters to capture the exact right feeling in your unique gallery wall. We offer both large and small frames, and posters in a diverse range of styles and designs. We have colourful and black and white posters, shiny golden, silver and copper frames as well as natural oak, walnut, white and black wooden frames. Freshen up your walls with a world map, or why not choose a beautiful photograph of a Bengal Tiger framed in a wooden frame? At Poster Store you will find cheap, high quality wall art that will fulfill all your interior design wishes and transform your room into the ultimate personal sanctuary.

If you are looking for beautiful picture frames online, you've come to the right place. Our wide range of large and small frames are specifically designed for posters, enabling you to create the most stylish wall art. We have black, white, walnut coloured and natural oak wooden frames - as well as stunningly shiny golden, silver and copper metal frames made of lightweight aluminium for easy suspension. All picture frames can be hung up both vertically and horizontally. They meet high quality standards and can be easily opened on the back. You can trust that we have wall art perfect for all the rooms in your house. Buy cheap, beautiful posters and frames for your living room, nursery, hallway, bedroom and the kitchen online at Poster Store.

Similar to picture frames, poster frames display and protect your posters. Though most poster frames are comparable, they can vary slightly in terms of size, material, and other factors. To help you display your posters properly, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the best poster frames on Amazon. Here are our top recommendations.

These poster frames were popular among Amazon shoppers, with many reviews noting their light weight, stylish look, and reasonable price. The frames did receive some complaints, though, with the most common one being about their coverings bowing outward slightly.

These picture frames earned mostly positive reviews on Amazon because customers liked that they were elegant and large. However, considering their price, customers were disappointed with their durability.

This frame earned rave reviews on Amazon for its wood-like edges. Though fairly durable and lightweight, the plastic that most of the frame was made with was prone to scratches, according to dissatisfied customers.

You mount poster frames to your wall. Though this installation process is fairly straightforward, it does require some planning because you need a tape measure and level to find the right place and a hammer or screwdriver to secure the hardware.

If left uncovered, it's easy for the print to get crushed, torn, and dirty. Cardboard mailing tubes and packaging will temporarily protect posters from physical damage, but should only be used on a short-term basis. Yellowing and discoloration caused by acids in the packaging can begin in just a matter of months.

And if you're not ready to frame yet, look for acid-free print storage such as an archival sleeve to protect it. We recommend Baroque Portfolios as one of the best options for storing, protecting or transporting your collection.

Concert posters and prints are large and not always a standard size, so the search for a ready-made frame to fit can be time-consuming or just fruitless. More importantly, off-the-shelf frames come with cardboard or masonite, as well as standard glass which will damage your artwork over time.

Custom framing allows you to order the exact size frame you need to fit your poster and select high-quality materials. We make it super easy to custom frame your poster online without having the hassle, extra expense, and long wait times of taking your prints to a frame shop.

All of our frames include acid-free matting and backing boards to protect your artwork from discoloration and museum-grade acrylic that is thick, shatter-resistant, and available with UV protection to keep your poster's colors from fading.

Orders arrive within about one week with instructions, a small tool kit, and everything you need to mount the artwork from the comfort of your home. If you prefer, send your poster to us be framed by a team of professionals and we'll return it ready to hang.

We recommend choosing a frame color that complements the tones in the artwork and a mat color that is neutral to start. If your art has cool tones, gray, black, or silver may be good choices, while brown, red, and gold will complement warm tones. is pleased to present our custom-made frames for Broadway window card posters. Our aluminum frame with plexi-glass sheet handsomely displays all 14" by 22" Broadway window card posters (a window card is the standard sized 14 x 22 inch Broadway show poster). Available in black, silver, or gold. Proudly made in the USA. Frames are shipped fully assembled. You will need to partially disassemble the frame with a Phillips screwdriver to mount a poster in it. Easy to follow instructions for mounting posters in the frames are included, or watch the instruction video below. 041b061a72


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