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Invisible Sue [VERIFIED]

Sue is a lonely teenage girl. Her mum is a researcher who spends all her time working at the lab. When Sue and her dad decide to surprise her at work on her birthday, they just end up getting in the way. In the commotion, Sue accidentally comes into contact with a liquid which makes her invisible! When her mum is kidnapped, Sue enlists the help of her friends to save her and apprehend the kidnappers.

Invisible Sue

12-year-old Sue is a lone wolf. Due to a potion invented by her mother, she is suddenly able to become invisible. But when mum is kidnapped, Sue will need the help of her new friends Tobi and App to rescue her mother and hunt down the criminals.

I really liked this film! It definitely holds up well even compared to big budget Hollywood superhero movies. Through the superhero plotline, several themes are explored in a way appropriate for the age of the intended audience: feeling invisible and left out, the relationship between parents and children, the positive and negative sides of medical development, what you're willing to sacrifice for the sake of someone else, and so on. The everyday and science fiction aspects are connected in a nice way, with a well-used budget. It was also fairly eventful and could probably work even for children who are used to action movies.The occasional stereotype mars the impression, but not much. Compared to any other superhero movie out there, it may be just a 3.5, but I'm giving an extra half star in comparison to other sci-fi children's movies.

To those who can afford to shop at supermarkets, food banks remain largely invisible. Yet for those who, like Old Mother Hubbard, face the prospect of a bare cupboard, these food outlets, tucked away in churches and warehouses, remain an essential part of a caring community.

Following an accident in her scientist mother's laboratory with the new wonder fluid NT26D, which is designed to fight illnesses genetically, 12-year-old Sue - Ruby M. Lichtenberg, now has the unique ability to make herself invisible. So when Sue's mother is kidnapped right before her very eyes, she is just the girl for the job. Together with Kaya (Anna Shirin Habedank), a rather nerdy girl of the same age who could teach James Bond's Q a few things, and Tobi, who not only looks good and has the hots for her but can also do amazing things on his bicycle, Sue and her friends combine their strengths and talents to free her mother, unmask the conspiracy behind her disappearance and bring the truth to light. 041b061a72


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