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Muslim Indo-African Studies Center

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Paper ManHD !!INSTALL!!

Lamination is the process of encasing paper between two sheets of plastic. This makes your document more durable and less likely to wrinkle, tear, or get damaged if it is exposed to water. It can also protect against dirt, oil, and more.

Paper ManHD

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When implementing a 3D image reconstruction algorithm on a DSP architecture, we find ourselves confronted with a large memory transfer overhead, reducing the possible speedup attainable on recent multi-media oriented architectures. This paper describes how the critical part of the algorithm is re-specified and aggressively transformed at the algorithm code level, to improve the data access locality of the multi-dimensional image signal, while preserving the input/output behaviour. Experiments show that a close to optimal reuse of the data in the foreground memory and registers is obtained, removing the data transfer and storage bottleneck and enabling real-time prototyping of the algorithm on a DSP architecture.

This paper introduces a new technique for the efficient computation of intermodulation distortion in radio frequency circuits that contain microelectromechanical system (MEMS) variable capacitors using moments analysis. This method is applied to an extended harmonic balance formulation, which contains the nonlinear equations that describe the dynamic mechanical behavior of MEMS variable capacitors, in addition to the nonlinear electric circuit equations. As a result, the moments method becomes a general multi-domain simulation method for quantifying nonlinear intermodulation distortion, while presenting significant computational cost reduction over harmonic balance-based methods. 041b061a72


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