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Title Boxing Vol. 1-23 |VERIFIED|

Renowned boxing Coach Christopher Getz is one of the worlds most sought after trainers. For over 10 years Getz has been owner and head instructor of the popular Black Tiger-Top Ten Boxing Gym in San Diego, California, where he trains many top amateur and pro boxers along with Muay Thai and mixed martial arts fighters looking to improve their boxing skills. With over 18 years experience as a trainer and fighter, Coach Getz began his boxing career on the east coast where he grew up and trained with renowned boxing Coach Lee Walls. He trained extensively at the famous Harrow Gate and 69th St. Pal Upper Darby Boxing Gyms in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a successful amateur and golden gloves boxer Getz also fought Kickboxing under the Professional Kickboxing Association (PKA) where he had an impressive 17-5-1 record and held the amateur welterweight title. Getz is also an experienced Muay Thai fighter with a record of 5-0-1 in this brutal leg kicking and elbow striking combat art. He attributes his many kickboxing and Muay Thai wins to his skilled boxing techniques, which Getz feels many kick boxers lack. Indeed many of Getz kickboxing opponent's were knocked out quickly by his devastating boxers left hook and right cross. Some of Coach Getz top students include up and coming featherweight pro boxer Alex Cruz, amateur bantamweight boxer and Muay Thai fighter Ulises Nava, and Champion Female Muay Thai fighter Lisa Morrison. Besides his extensive boxing background Getz also holds a 6th Degree Black Belt in Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate under Master Dennis Nackord of Nackord's Kenpo Karate in Philadelphia.

Title Boxing Vol. 1-23

The arrival to Australia in 1907 of boxing sensation Jack Johnson would deliver longstanding influence upon Aboriginal people, fighters and political activists. Johnson, because he was black, was refused the right to challenge for the world title on a long-held colour bar of exclusion.

Jack Johnson returned to Australia in 1908 and was finally given the chance to fight world champion Tommy Burns in the newly constructed Sydney Stadium. Twenty thousand people packed into the stadium with another 40,000 disappointed patrons locked outside. It would be the first time a black fighter went up against a white fighter for the most prestigious boxing title in the world. Johnson unleashed all of his pent-up resentment over the racism, prejudice and oppression that not just he and his family had witnessed throughout his life but what he had seen inflicted on others. Tommy Burns would be the recipient of that hatred and was completely destroyed in the ring. Johnson had no intention of finishing the fight early. He was like a cat playing with a mouse and wanted to inflict as much punishment on Burns as possible. Johnson knocked Burns down twice in the first two rounds and that set the tone of the fight. Police had to eventually step into the ring in the 14th round to stop the punishment. 350c69d7ab


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