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Undertale The Six Souls

Heroic OrganizationSoulsFull NameNo informationAliasNo informationOriginUndertaleFoundationNo informationHeadquartersNo informationCommandersNo informationAgentsNo informationSpecial Abilities/WeaponsNo informationGoalsNo informationType of HeroesNo informationThe Six Humans are the posthumous overarching protagonists of the 2015 indie role-playing game Undertale. They appear as spirits in the game itself. These characters have fallen into the subterranean realm of the monsters, and their souls were taken by Asgore Dreemurr so the latter could continue his plan to avenge his son Asriel Dreemurr and his adopted child Chara (who killed themself by eating buttercups so that Asriel could absorb their soul and take six human souls from the surface). As does the protagonist, Frisk, the six humans have a heart-shaped soul that contains their essence and is a certain color. These colors are green, yellow, blue, purple, orange and cyan. Frisk first meets them in the game before they and Asgore fight, where all six of them are trapped in bottles.

Undertale The Six Souls


Monsters were freed from the Underground by the seventh fallen human, with the souls of Determination. After a few years, you have finally become an adult and decided to move in Mandela County. But soon after, Lucifer's (Alt. Gabriel) invasion with the alternates starts again, but not in the way it is expected...

((Here are the Omori crossover doodles!!! I definitely saw a lot of similarities between my interpretation of the human souls and some of the Omori characters! So I'm glad I played the game and could point out these things!!!

how do souls work? what exactly happens to a monster when it absorbs a human soul? what really happened to asriel when he had the power of seven human souls? these are all questions that can be answered with one simple statement made in undertale.


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