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Buy Plaid Fabric

Plaid fabrics for every use from upholstery to home furnishings, from clothing to table decoration. Discover our cloth woven in Scotland and available in over 500 Scottish plaids. Swatches available and order from as little as 0.3m/yds.

buy plaid fabric


Ever wondered how our beautiful Scottish plaid fabric is woven? Well you're in luck as Anna and Monja are here to fill you in on every little detail of the process, from the production to each of the different weights of cloth and of course what you should use your fabric for.

As most of our customers live a long way away and can't take a tour round a Scottish weaving mill we have created the story of the process here on the blog. Learn how your beautiful plaid is woven from the spinning and dying of the yarn, to warping and wefting, finishing and the detailed quality control process required to guarantee you a perfect piece of cloth.

Have you ever wondered what actually happens at the finishers? Well we're here to tell you all about it. After a lengthy production process (winding, dyeing, warping, weaving and darning), the plaid is sent to the finishers, where it will then be transformed from a piece of rough and oily woven cloth to a beautifully finished cloth ready for use.

You might be wondering about what the tartan terminology across the ScotlandShop website actually means! What makes a Modern tartan and where did Hunting and Dress come from? We're here to give you the answers. The Fraser plaid is an example of a plaid which has many variations and in this blog, we take an in-depth look at each one to clear up any confusion you might have.

Plaid fabric by the yard at discount prices. Upholstery plaid fabric, drapery plaid fabric, school plaid fabric, cotton plaid fabric, silk plaid fabric. Also included are tartan plaid, blackwatch plaid, tattersall, windowpane, Madras and glen plaid.

Our site offers fabric for many uses, including apparel, dancewear, special occasion, swimwear, skating costumes, nursing scrubs, rug hooking, draperies, upholstery, slipcovers, tablecloths, pillows, car seats and boat covers. Also, many of our fabrics, like our vinyl fabric, faux leather (we also have real leather), velvet, denim, gingham, broadcloth, eyelet and batiste are also well suited for craft projects.

Most of the fabrics on our site are heavily discounted, and many including our designer fabrics may be purchased at or below wholesale fabric prices. We also offer fabric by the bolt at discount fabric pricing.

This category features any fabric that has either woven or printed checks or plaid patterns. Fabric Warehouse carries a wide selection of discount designer upholstery and curtain fabric featuring check and plaid designs, in traditional and contemporary styles. Search through our check and plaid fabric by the yard selection to find the right material for your next big project!

Upholstering furniture in a plaid pattern gives an instant lift to both traditional and modern interiors. At L.A. Design Concepts, you can purchase plaid designer fabrics and enjoy exclusive discounts on the prints and patterns you love. Our plaid collections feature a variety of styles, with many matching wallpapers to coordinate.

Plaid fabric is used to upholster furniture in nearly every type of setting. The durable weave makes it suitable for sofas and chairs in busy living rooms. Soft wool fibers make cozy cushions and pillows, especially for homes in cold climates. Plaid is often associated with lodge style interiors and mountain resort homes, incorporating rich jewel colors and earth tones to complement the rustic decor.

Dark plaids in navy, khaki, brown and deep red help to create a traditional, preppy look and are classic picks for a masculine bedroom or den. Patriotic red and blue plaids add a bright touch to traditional interiors.

A classic plaid in modern, pastel colors, Scots Plaid has a sophisticated palette of melon and aqua. This charming plaid would mix beautifully with a large scale floral pattern, or make a clever accent in a neutral room. A blend of viscose, cotton and linen fibers makes it durable enough for upholstery use.

This thoroughly modern plaid combines the complexity of traditional Glen Plaid with the graphic punch of pop art. Black and white lines are accented by a single color, giving St. Jean de Luz grid-like design that reminds us of Bauhaus architecture. This plaid is available in five unique colorways that would make an interesting accent for a mid-century home.

Samples are a great way to explore different tones, textures and patterns within the space it will reside. Plaid fabric samples are no exception. Through L.A. Design Concepts, you can shop and purchase samples in every color, neutral, material and print. We always encourage shoppers to select multiple samples, particularly in different hues, so you can compare and contrast them at home.

Once you receive your samples, view them in natural indoor lighting so you can experience how the color and texture works in your room. Test your plaid fabric sample next to other colors, fabrics and furniture in the space to make sure it will blend with your decor.

All of our fabrics are sold by the yard. This fabric can be used to make various bespoke tailored goods & accessories including the following items: Men's and ladies kilts, trousers (trews), skirts, scarves, shawls, serapes, capes, sashes, cummerbunds, neck and bow ties, cushions, throws, curtains, upholstery, table wear, bags or any craft project.

Bold colors and safe dyes will bring a unique look to all your projects. Choose from several sizes (up to 10 yards) of 58-inch-wide medium-weight polyester plaid fabric. The material is no-fade and waterproof, making it great for either indoor or outdoor use.

The Woolen Mill Store is the flagship Pendleton Fabric Store with hundreds of styles to choose from. This webpage is updated as styles rotate in and out of inventory, and we invite you to visit our store for best selection. Keep in mind that colors on your computer screen may not match actual fabric color- for best color matching, please request a fabric swatch.

Apparel Weight FabricsWe carry a wide variety of apparel weight fabrics, including worsted wool and woolen flannel shirting. The width varies from 54-60 inches wide. See them by weight at: Light Weight Apparel Fabric and Medium Weight Apparel Fabric

SecondsWe offer seconds fabrics in various weights including upholstery, woolen flannels, worsteds and more. All seconds fabrics are sold AS-IS and limited to stock on hand. If you have a question about available yardage, please give us a call.

Plaids, tartans, ginghams, checks, and houndstooth fall under the same category in our listings. Plaids and checks are very popular patterns and they always make for a strong statement. Make a small accent pillow or upholster a side chair in plaid or check for an instant POP in any room.

Gingham pattern is created by printing or weaving wide, even and uniform lines onto white cotton, when the line crosses they create a darker color thereby giving the fabric a checker pattern.

Generally, Fabric Creations Fantasy Glitter paints dry within two hours; however, it can take up to 24 hours, depending upon the thickness of application as well as the humidity of your work area. The decorated fabric surface will be cured in 72 hours.

Generally, Fabric Creations Plush paints dry within two hours; however, it can take up to 24 hours, depending upon the thickness of application as well as the humidity of your work area. The decorated fabric surface will be cured in 72 hours.

Generally, Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Inks dry within two hours; however, it can take up to 24 hours, depending upon the thickness of application as well as the humidity of your work area. The decorated fabric surface will be cured in 72 hours. 041b061a72


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